How to Remove the ‘Edit Dashboard’ Link in OBIEE

It can be quite difficult to figure out how to disable the option which lets users edit a dashboard. This is how I do it. Page Options > Manage Presentation Catalog > Shared Folders > (name of dashboard) > Portal > Permissions. Select ‘Read’ as the permisisons for whichever Groups/Users should not be able to […]

Installing only the OBIEE 11g Client Tools

Essentially it isn’t possible to install only the OBIEE 11g Client Tools at the moment. See this support document from Oracle for more information. Let’s hope they hurry up and release a client-only installation really soon as the full installation process is very long and can be difficult. Update 16th November 2010: Andreas has been […]

OBIEE Browser Support

11g Browser Support Official word from Oracle is that OBIEE 11g supports Internet Explorer 7.x, 8.x and Firefox 3.5+ and these are certified. 10.1.3.x Browser Support See the table below (taken from the System Requirements and Supported Platforms document).

Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Available

BI Apps is available to download from Oracle right now. I haven’t had a chance to evaluate this yet but I’m looking forward to having a play and in particular trying out the supposed tighter integration with Informatica PowerCenter 8.6.1. You can read more detail in the official Oracle Press Release.

OBIEE 11g Supported Platforms and Operating Systems

Oracle provide a certification matrix for Fusion Middleware 11g. Here is my interpretation of it, from my notes made at the time of the OBIEE 11g release. I’m not saying this is 100% accurate, nor should it be relied upon without first checking with Oracle. Server OS support Oracle / Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 […]

OBIEE Hide the Refresh link within the No Results view

Update Feb 2011: See this later post. Occasionally I’ve come across a requirement to remove the refresh link that is displayed on the No Results view. It doesn’t make sense to have a refresh link in this context and it can confuse your users. Here’s one solution: Add a ‘No Results’ view to your report In the […]

OBIEE 11g Support for HP-UX

According to the Oracle Fusion Middleware documentation concerning OBIEE we can see it is only currently available for Linux and Windows platforms. I asked Oracle if there are there any plans to release version 11g for HP-UX at some point in the near future. The answer was that additional support for OS including HPUX will […]