OBIEE TopN versus the rest

You may have seen John’s excellent blog posting where he gives one method for showing a report of the top n items with the rest being grouped together. This is a very common reporting requirement and here I present what is arguably a more elegant and simple solution. First start with a simple report. I’m […]

[38058] Target level does not have a primary segmentation catalog

I came across this nQSError recently when modifying an OBIEE RPD and checking the consistency: [38058] Target level does not have a primary segmentation catalog It seems the fix is simple: Go to the Manage Menu > Marketing then remove the troublesome objects by deleting them and check consistency once more. Quite why these items […]

OBIEE 11g ‘No Log Found’ Message

If you’ve started using version of OBIEE then you’ve probably noticed the annoying error message ‘No Log Found’ when trying to view a session log in the administration section. It turns out that this is an undocumented bug which should be fixed version In the meantime you can always view session log information […]

OBIEE 11g RCU: SQL Server 2008 Walkthrough

Running the OBIEE 11g Repository Creation Utility (RCU) against a SQL Server database wasn’t as straightforward as I’d hoped. There are a few preliminary tasks which aren’t obvious so I’ve decided to put this guide together. First log in to your SQL Server and create a new user. In this case I’m naming it obi_user. […]

How to Replace Null Values in an OBIEE Pivot Table

See also this update (Jan 2012). Here’s a simple tip that allows you to supress null values in a pivot for cells which have no data. Create a simple report. I’m using the Samplesales RPD here. A pivot table view of this data would look something like this by default: Now switch back to the […]

OBIEE 10.1.3.x Installation Requires .NET Framework v2

I came across an interesting quirk when installing OBIEE 10.1.3 on a Windows XP PC today. This machine had the Microsoft .NET framework version 3.5 installed and I (mistakenly) believed this would be fine because OBIEE comes bundled with an earlier version (v2). Surely OBIEE would install with a later .NET framework, right? Wrong as […]