Narrative View ‘Contains HTML Markup’ Broken in OBIEE

You may have noticed that the ‘Contains HTML Markup’ checkbox within a report narrative view has no effect whatsoever in OBIEE 11g. According to Oracle this is a known bug and will be fixed in In the meantime, as a workaround, you can edit your instanceconfig.xml and disable the hardening for cross-site scripting. Add […]

nQSError: 59012

I came across a strange problem today when trying to use the Ago time series function. I made a simple formula to show the change in a measure between current month and last month. Easy you would think: Folder.Measure – Ago(Folder.Measure, DateFolder.Month, 1) However, this resulted in: [nQSError: 59012] UnderFlow occurred during the execution of […]

New Tutorial from Oracle: Creating an OBIEE 11g Repository

Following on from the one I reported earlier, Oracle have released another tutorial in the Oracle By Example series. This one covers creating a repository in OBIEE 11g and looks very thorough. You’ll need to have a working instance of OBIEE 11g and will need the Sample Application schema to follow it through. View the […]

A Couple of OBIEE 11g Installation Points

Make sure the DEV_BIPLATFORM and DEV_MDS users have the same password and that their accounts aren’t locked after running the RCU. Despite what Oracle would have you believe it seems the DBA role is not required and nor are SYSDBA nor SYSOPER privileges.

[nQSError: 46008] Internal error: File .\DataType\SUKeyCompare.cpp, line xyz. (HY000)

There seems to be a number of causes for this error but in my experience it is most often encountered in a federated data model bringing data from different fact tables – joined by conformed dimensions – in which you have multiple sources for logical tables in the Business Model and Mapping layer. If you […]

OBIEE 11g Tutorial from Oracle

I’ve just come across a new tutorial from the Oracle By Example range: Creating Analyses and Dashboards 11g Could be useful if you’re new to OBIEE and have a spare couple of hours.

Using Oracle SQL Developer with MS SQL Server

If, like me, you’re a fan of Oracle’s free SQL Developer application, then you may want to use it to access other types of database. This is possible by installing a third party JDBC driver. E.g. for SQL Server, Sybase or MySQL. Here’s the configuration needed for SQL Server: Download the JTDS driver from Sourceforge. […]

OBIEE 11g: Error when unzipping

When unzipping you may come across this error: File ‘co%6editional+format+attribu…’ is password protected. Please enter the password in the box below There is no password protection as such, the message just comes up when the directory path gets too long. To get round this you should put the file in the root of your […]