OBIEE and SQL Server Analysis Services Cubes

Recently I’ve been working on a client project that brings together data from a number of sources, one of them being Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services OLAP cubes. I thought I’d compile a few notes here to explain the current level of support for SSAS in OBIEE and some of the limitations in using this […]

OBIEE 11g Transactional Update Failed [nQSError:37005]

If you often edit an OBIEE repository in online mode then chances are you will have come across this error at some point. As far as I understand it, this refers to any number of problems relating to checking-in objects that are currently checked out. It seems the Administration Tool thinks it is unable to […]

Oracle BI Foundation Tutorials

Following on from the tutorials I mentioned earlier here and here, you may be interested in this bunch of tutorials concerning Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation. There are some nice demos here showing the technology addressing some hypothetical business scenarios such as personalising content or event-based alerting. Introduction Introduction to Oracle BI Foundation Suite Examining Metadata […]

OBIEE 11g Delete Calculated Item from Pivot Table

It’s not immediately obvious how to delete a calculated column added to a pivot table in OBIEE 11g. Those familiar with 10g will recall a ‘Delete’ option which has been removed in the new version. Instead you need to go into the ‘Selection Steps’ at the bottom of the screen and click the red X […]