Updated OBIEE 11g Technical Overview PDF

Oracle have updated their Foundation Suite Technical Overview white paper (link opens in a new window). It contains the following sections: INTRODUCTION Enabling Enterprise Business Intelligence Product Overview Server Components End-User Delivery Components Systems Management Components Oracle BI Product Strategy FOUNDATION SUITE SERVER TECHNOLOGY Oracle BI Server Common Enterprise Information Model The Oracle BI Server […]

OBIEE Dynamic Dashboard Prompts

Sometimes I need to create a dashboard prompt that shows only the most recent x periods. I like to make this dynamic so that the values are not hard-coded and the prompt can survive when new data appears in the warehouse. The best way I have found to acheive this is to create the prompt […]

OBIEE 11g Changing the Default Dashboard

A common question I come across is how do we set the default homepage in OBIEE 11g? I.e. How do we change the first dashboard that the user sees when they log in? Essentially the approach is the same as in previous versions but for those of you who don’t know, here are the basic […]

OBIEE 11g ‘No Log Found’ Message – Patch Available

Following on from my earlier post on this topic, I’d like to point out that Oracle have released patch 10125516 to fix this bug in on Windows. You can download it from the Support website under ‘Patches & Updates’.

OBIEE 11g Hide/Show Sections based on Dashboard Prompt

Recently I came across a customer requirement to allow a user’s interaction to hide/show certain sections of a dashboard. In this particular case the user wanted to choose either ‘Quarterly’ or ‘Monthly’ and the appropriate sections of a dashboard would be shown. To achieve this I used a number of techniques, some of which are […]

OBIEE 11g Dimension Browse

Those of us who have used OBIEE 10g for some time and made the change to 11g will have noticed some subtle differences within the Administration tool. Sometimes these are not well documented, for example, the new “Dimension Browse” checkbox within the logical table source (LTS) dialog. My understanding is that you should use this […]