OBIEE Inline Microcharts using Google Charts API

By using a combination of techniques it is possible to display charts inline, within an OBIEE report. In other words we can achieve this type of ‘sparkline’ trend indicator instead of a plain table. To achieve this we need to make use of Google’s excellent chart API. The following example is a bit of a […]

Oracle Business Intelligence Developer Client Tools Now Available

Oracle have finally made available a client-only installation of their 11gR1 Developer Tools (BI Administration Tool, Job Manager, BI Server command line tools and ODBC / JDBC drivers). At the moment this is only for 32bit x86 architecture (Windows). You can download it from the link below: Oracle Client Tools Until next time…

Displaying External Documents on an OBIEE Dashboard

Recently a client came up with a requirement to host externally-generated PDF reports in OBIEE and have them display alongside their other OBI content. They also wanted these files to be searchable by name like the rest of elements comprising the web catalog. To achieve this requires a few steps and a bit of trickery […]

OBIEE Hide the Refresh link within the No Results view – Revisited

Following on from this earlier post, reader Leigh has been in touch with a good idea to hide the refresh link on the ‘No Results’ page using only CSS to make the containing, html td element hide. It’s cross browser compliant and has been tested on OBIEE 10g and 11gR1. For 10.x you will still […]