Oracle Fusion Middleware Newsletter

Just a quick update to plug the Quarterly Oracle Fusion Middleware Newsletter. You can also subscribe to get future updates. One day (if I get 5 minutes spare time!) I plan on creating a resources page on this site to list all the useful links like this. Watch this space…

OBIEE 11g Quick Tip: Re-ordering By Mouse

One little enhancement found in release 11gR1 of OBIEE that wasn’t present in 10.x is the ability to quickly re-order items by dragging and dropping with the mouse. It’s obvious I know, but sometimes the simple things can be overlooked. In OBIEE 10.x this functionality required use of the up/down icons or keyboard shortcuts and could […]

OBIEE 11g: Fetching More Than 1000 Users From MS Active Directory

Using Weblogic Server to access MS Active Directory over LDAP will only bring back 1000 records by default. If you need to fetch more than this then use Microsoft’s Ntdsutil.exe tool to modify the LDAP policy and set the MaxPageSize parameter accordingly. Note that WLS doesn’t support chunking the records into pages so you have […]

OBIEE 11g Admin Tool Essbase Connectivity

I’ve seen lots of cases where people are experiencing problems connecting to Essbase from the OBIEE Administration Tool in 11gR1. The not so helpful message “The connection has failed” is all that is returned by the tool. Depending on your system setup and Essbase version, there could be two missing variables: ESSBASEPATH and/or ARBORPATH. These […]

nQSError 15019? Check your keys

Does this error sound familiar? [nQSError: 15019] Table <Logical table name> is functionally dependent upon level <Logical level>, but a more detailed child level has associated columns from that same table or a more detailed table. The problem is most often encountered when you have multiple logical table sources, each with a different grain and a single […]

OBIEE Dynamic Column Headings

A common requirement I come across is to create a report with dynamic column titles. For example a column should be labelled ‘Mar 11’ rather than Revenue and this should change each month with the data. Easy you would think? Well sadly not as easy at it perhaps should be from an enterprise BI product. […]