nQSError 77005 When Importing Oracle OLAP Cube

I came across an interesting problem today when importing an Oracle OLAP cube using the Administration Tool that comes with the OBIEE 11g Client Tools. The import failed with the error message: [nQSError: 77005] An invalid parameter was passed to the nQWebIBotAPI.dll. Verify that the Agent configuration is correct. When you install the client tools […]

Using Compound Layouts in a View Selector (OBIEE 11g)

It seems that with release of OBIEE that we are able to nest a Compound Layout within a View Selector. This allows the view selector to be used to switch between multiple complex layouts, each comprising multiple views. Previously it was possible to reproduce this effect by hacking the report XML but it’s now […]

Patching OBIEE 11g with OPatch

It is a good idea to make sure the PATH environment variable contains the %ORACLE_HOME%\OPatch directory amongst the others. Check if this is the case by running the following command at a new command prompt: opatch version If you see a version number and OPatch succeeded then the PATH variable is set up correctly. If […]

OCM Error when using OPatch with OBIEE 11g

While applying a one-off patch to an OBIEE environment via OPatch it failed with this message: The response file for OCM configuration does not exist (or) is not readable. Please provide a valid response file. In this environment we were not using OCM so it hadn’t been configured. It seems OPatch will create a new […]

OBIEE 11g Transactional Update Failed [nQSError:37005] – Patch Available

I’ve blogged in the past about the annoying Transactional update failed message that is seen when editing the OBIEE 11.x repository in online mode. Well it seems Oracle have finally released a patch to fix this – #9884975. It can be downloaded once you’ve obtained the necessary password via a Service Request.

Adding an XML Data Source in OBIEE 11g

Here’s a quick example of how to manually set up an XML file as a source in OBIEE 11g. First I created a simple example file named XML_Example.xml. Here is the structure: Download it here if you want to try it out and are too lazy to type. Next, create a new database in the […]

OBIEE 11g Usage Tracking RPD

It seems a lot of people are having problems implementing Usage Tracking in OBIEE 11g. The sample repository RPD file supplied by Oracle as part of the 11.1.x install is from the older (10g) version and requires uplifting via the upgrade assistant. Unfortunately the upgrade assistant requires that the repository has a password specified and […]

OBIEE 11g – Deploying Custom Skins, Styles etc.

It’s been posted on the web before but I always struggle to find the link to this useful Oracle White Paper. It describes the steps required to customise the OBIEE user interface. To save you searching, here’s the link: White Paper on OTN There’s also a new tutorial from Oracle on this subject. See the […]