Get Informatica Node Name

Further to my earlier post where I queried the metadata schema to get various Informatica parameters, I thought I would share this quick snippet… In order to get the Informatica Node name you can run this shell command (Unix): ${INFA_HOME}/isp/bin/ getNodeName | grep -e \n -m 1 Bye for now…

Get Informatica 9.x Domain Details from Metadata

When setting up Informatica Client tools you might get stuck wondering what settings to use for the Domain and Port number. Presumably you will know the machine host name to use. You can use some sql against the Informatica metadata tables to help you figure out the required settings. E.g. something like this: SELECT RINF.PCSF_DOMAIN […]

Downgrading RPD version in OBIEE 11g

Today I encountered a problem when trying to deploy a later version repository into an earlier environment. In this case my changes were made in the Administration Tool (v 318) and I needed to deploy the RPD to an environment (v 308). Without downgrading the repository I was not able to start the […]

Sharing MDS Schema During OBIEE Install

It seems we can reuse an existing MDS schema when running the Repository Creation Utility (RCU). Previously I’d always created a new one for each installation but I guess I should have paid more attention to the Oracle documentation… If your organization has an MDS schema installed in a supported database, you do not need […]

I’m still here!

Recently I haven’t been posting here as much as I’d like, mainly because I’ve been working hard as a Team Leader at the end of a monster commute. Getting home late and tired each evening left me with little appetite to update the blog. The good news is I’ve now moved on from that role […]