Informatica: Impacted Sessions Error

I came across an interesting error when trying to run a customised Informatica Workflow. It failed and this message appeared in the log file: “The Repository Service marked the session or session instance as impacted, and the Integration Service is not configured to run impacted sessions” It seems that the Session called by the Workflow […]

Get Informatica Node Name

Further to my earlier post where I queried the metadata schema to get various Informatica parameters, I thought I would share this quick snippet… In order to get the Informatica Node name you can run this shell command (Unix): ${INFA_HOME}/isp/bin/ getNodeName | grep -e \n -m 1 Bye for now…

Get Informatica 9.x Domain Details from Metadata

When setting up Informatica Client tools you might get stuck wondering what settings to use for the Domain and Port number. Presumably you will know the machine host name to use. You can use some sql against the Informatica metadata tables to help you figure out the required settings. E.g. something like this: SELECT RINF.PCSF_DOMAIN […]