How to Replace Null Values in an OBIEE Pivot Table – Revisited

According to my server logfiles, the previous post on this topic is one of the most popular on this site. In light of that I felt it was time for an update concerning the ability to do the same in OBIEE 11g. It seems that the ability to apply a custom format mask (e.g. #,###0;-#,###0;0) […]

Using Compound Layouts in a View Selector (OBIEE 11g)

It seems that with release of OBIEE that we are able to nest a Compound Layout within a View Selector. This allows the view selector to be used to switch between multiple complex layouts, each comprising multiple views. Previously it was possible to reproduce this effect by hacking the report XML but it’s now […]

Increase the Slider Limit in OBIEE 11g

If you build a lot of reports in Answers you’ve probably noticed that by default a slider will only allow 50 values. If you enter a higher value in this dialog box: then you will get an error message like this: To increase the limit modify this config file: <MW_HOME>\instances\instance1\config\OracleBIPresentationServicesComponent\coreapplication_obips1\instanceconfig.xml Locate <Views></Views> tag and inbetween […]

OBIEE 11g Strange ODBC Driver Error with SQL Server

I came across an interesting error recently. I had a very simple data model with 1 fact table and 1 dimension, both coming from a SQL Server 2008 database. When querying the model through Answers I would get ODBC driver errors like the ones below. State: HY000. Code: 10058. [NQODBC] [SQL_STATE: HY000] [nQSError: 10058] A […]

OBIEE 11g – Remove Border Around Section Prompt

When splitting a chart or table into sections by dragging a column to the ‘prompts’ area, the default behaviour is for Presentation Services to apply a rather unsightly border around the column. E.g. Doing this: Results in this: It seems there is no application setting to control the look and feel of this border so […]

OBIEE Dynamic Column Headings

A common requirement I come across is to create a report with dynamic column titles. For example a column should be labelled ‘Mar 11’ rather than Revenue and this should change each month with the data. Easy you would think? Well sadly not as easy at it perhaps should be from an enterprise BI product. […]

OBIEE Inline Microcharts using Google Charts API

By using a combination of techniques it is possible to display charts inline, within an OBIEE report. In other words we can achieve this type of ‘sparkline’ trend indicator instead of a plain table. To achieve this we need to make use of Google’s excellent chart API. The following example is a bit of a […]

OBIEE Hide the Refresh link within the No Results view – Revisited

Following on from this earlier post, reader Leigh has been in touch with a good idea to hide the refresh link on the ‘No Results’ page using only CSS to make the containing, html td element hide. It’s cross browser compliant and has been tested on OBIEE 10g and 11gR1. For 10.x you will still […]

OBIEE Dynamic Dashboard Prompts

Sometimes I need to create a dashboard prompt that shows only the most recent x periods. I like to make this dynamic so that the values are not hard-coded and the prompt can survive when new data appears in the warehouse. The best way I have found to acheive this is to create the prompt […]

OBIEE 11g Changing the Default Dashboard

A common question I come across is how do we set the default homepage in OBIEE 11g? I.e. How do we change the first dashboard that the user sees when they log in? Essentially the approach is the same as in previous versions but for those of you who don’t know, here are the basic […]

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