Sharing MDS Schema During OBIEE Install

It seems we can reuse an existing MDS schema when running the Repository Creation Utility (RCU). Previously I’d always created a new one for each installation but I guess I should have paid more attention to the Oracle documentation… If your organization has an MDS schema installed in a supported database, you do not need […]

OBIEE Released

Oracle have put the latest version of OBIEE – – up for download via their Software Delivery Cloud (formerly eDelivery). No doubt it will be on general download via OTN in the near future. I’m looking forward to trying this out and for the various bug fixes that we’ve had to work around in […]

Patching OBIEE 11g with OPatch

It is a good idea to make sure the PATH environment variable contains the %ORACLE_HOME%\OPatch directory amongst the others. Check if this is the case by running the following command at a new command prompt: opatch version If you see a version number and OPatch succeeded then the PATH variable is set up correctly. If […]

OCM Error when using OPatch with OBIEE 11g

While applying a one-off patch to an OBIEE environment via OPatch it failed with this message: The response file for OCM configuration does not exist (or) is not readable. Please provide a valid response file. In this environment we were not using OCM so it hadn’t been configured. It seems OPatch will create a new […]

OBIEE 11g Usage Tracking RPD

It seems a lot of people are having problems implementing Usage Tracking in OBIEE 11g. The sample repository RPD file supplied by Oracle as part of the 11.1.x install is from the older (10g) version and requires uplifting via the upgrade assistant. Unfortunately the upgrade assistant requires that the repository has a password specified and […]

Notes from an OBIEE In-Place Upgrade

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post and I must confess I’ve been rather busy of late. A good chunk of my recent workload has been taken up with an in place upgrade of OBIEE from to I thought I’d spend a couple of minutes here to jot down a […]

Oracle Business Intelligence Developer Client Tools Now Available

Oracle have finally made available a client-only installation of their 11gR1 Developer Tools (BI Administration Tool, Job Manager, BI Server command line tools and ODBC / JDBC drivers). At the moment this is only for 32bit x86 architecture (Windows). You can download it from the link below: Oracle Client Tools Until next time…

A Couple of OBIEE 11g Installation Points

Make sure the DEV_BIPLATFORM and DEV_MDS users have the same password and that their accounts aren’t locked after running the RCU. Despite what Oracle would have you believe it seems the DBA role is not required and nor are SYSDBA nor SYSOPER privileges.

OBIEE 11g: Error when unzipping

When unzipping you may come across this error: File ‘co%6editional+format+attribu…’ is password protected. Please enter the password in the box below There is no password protection as such, the message just comes up when the directory path gets too long. To get round this you should put the file in the root of your […]

OBIEE 11g RCU: SQL Server 2008 Walkthrough

Running the OBIEE 11g Repository Creation Utility (RCU) against a SQL Server database wasn’t as straightforward as I’d hoped. There are a few preliminary tasks which aren’t obvious so I’ve decided to put this guide together. First log in to your SQL Server and create a new user. In this case I’m naming it obi_user. […]

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