Help, our users can’t log in!

I got a call from a previous client yesterday. Their OBIEE system wasn’t allowing anyone to log in and understandably they were looking for a quick resolution. The system in question was set up with authenication against the company’s MS Active Directory via LDAP so that seemed like the most likely place to start looking. […]

Multiple LDAP Authentication Providers in OBIEE

With the release of OBIEE we are able to get round one of the drawbacks from the previous version, namely having more than one LDAP provider configured in Weblogic. Oracle have virtualised the providers so that more than one can be used at a time. To enable this, one extra config step is required: […]

OBIEE 11g: Fetching More Than 1000 Users From MS Active Directory

Using Weblogic Server to access MS Active Directory over LDAP will only bring back 1000 records by default. If you need to fetch more than this then use Microsoft’s Ntdsutil.exe tool to modify the LDAP policy and set the MaxPageSize parameter accordingly. Note that WLS doesn’t support chunking the records into pages so you have […]