How to Replace Null Values in an OBIEE Pivot Table – Revisited

According to my server logfiles, the previous post on this topic is one of the most popular on this site. In light of that I felt it was time for an update concerning the ability to do the same in OBIEE 11g. It seems that the ability to apply a custom format mask (e.g. #,###0;-#,###0;0) […]

OBIEE 11g – Remove Border Around Section Prompt

When splitting a chart or table into sections by dragging a column to the ‘prompts’ area, the default behaviour is for Presentation Services to apply a rather unsightly border around the column. E.g. Doing this: Results in this: It seems there is no application setting to control the look and feel of this border so […]

OBIEE 11g Delete Calculated Item from Pivot Table

It’s not immediately obvious how to delete a calculated column added to a pivot table in OBIEE 11g. Those familiar with 10g will recall a ‘Delete’ option which has been removed in the new version. Instead you need to go into the ‘Selection Steps’ at the bottom of the screen and click the red X […]