Downgrading RPD version in OBIEE 11g

Today I encountered a problem when trying to deploy a later version repository into an earlier environment. In this case my changes were made in the Administration Tool (v 318) and I needed to deploy the RPD to an environment (v 308). Without downgrading the repository I was not able to start the […]

OBIEE 11g Transactional Update Failed [nQSError:37005] – Patch Available

I’ve blogged in the past about the annoying Transactional update failed message that is seen when editing the OBIEE 11.x repository in online mode. Well it seems Oracle have finally released a patch to fix this – #9884975. It can be downloaded once you’ve obtained the necessary password via a Service Request.

Adding an XML Data Source in OBIEE 11g

Here’s a quick example of how to manually set up an XML file as a source in OBIEE 11g. First I created a simple example file named XML_Example.xml. Here is the structure: Download it here if you want to try it out and are too lazy to type. Next, create a new database in the […]

OBIEE Repository Modelling Articles

Here are a few useful articles I came across concerning OBIEE repository (RPD) modelling. They are posted on Oracle BI Development’s BI Foundation blog and might be of use to anyone starting out in the OBIEE repository for the first time. Designing a Query Factory Dimensional Schema Shapes Conformed Logical Dimensions Full credit to Bob […]

OBIEE Admin Tool Gives nQSError: 46036

Ever wondered what happens when you try and open an OBIEE repository in online mode from the Administration Tool? Well you might get this lovely error message: [nQSError: 46036] Internal Assertion: Condition m_pFile->Read(&*bytes.begin() + sizeof(int32)), numChars * sizeof(uint16)) == numChars * sizeof(uint16), file server\objectmodel\Src\SORpArchivePersistStream.cpp, line 456. Needless to say the 2 versions aren’t […]

OBIEE 11g Quick Tip: Re-ordering By Mouse

One little enhancement found in release 11gR1 of OBIEE that wasn’t present in 10.x is the ability to quickly re-order items by dragging and dropping with the mouse. It’s obvious I know, but sometimes the simple things can be overlooked. In OBIEE 10.x this functionality required use of the up/down icons or keyboard shortcuts and could […]

nQSError 15019? Check your keys

Does this error sound familiar? [nQSError: 15019] Table <Logical table name> is functionally dependent upon level <Logical level>, but a more detailed child level has associated columns from that same table or a more detailed table. The problem is most often encountered when you have multiple logical table sources, each with a different grain and a single […]

OBIEE 11g Changing the Default Dashboard

A common question I come across is how do we set the default homepage in OBIEE 11g? I.e. How do we change the first dashboard that the user sees when they log in? Essentially the approach is the same as in previous versions but for those of you who don’t know, here are the basic […]

OBIEE 11g Dimension Browse

Those of us who have used OBIEE 10g for some time and made the change to 11g will have noticed some subtle differences within the Administration tool. Sometimes these are not well documented, for example, the new “Dimension Browse” checkbox within the logical table source (LTS) dialog. My understanding is that you should use this […]

OBIEE 11g Transactional Update Failed [nQSError:37005]

If you often edit an OBIEE repository in online mode then chances are you will have come across this error at some point. As far as I understand it, this refers to any number of problems relating to checking-in objects that are currently checked out. It seems the Administration Tool thinks it is unable to […]

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