nQSError 77005 When Importing Oracle OLAP Cube

I came across an interesting problem today when importing an Oracle OLAP cube using the Administration Tool that comes with the OBIEE 11g Client Tools. The import failed with the error message: [nQSError: 77005] An invalid parameter was passed to the nQWebIBotAPI.dll. Verify that the Agent configuration is correct. When you install the client tools […]

OCM Error when using OPatch with OBIEE 11g

While applying a one-off patch to an OBIEE environment via OPatch it failed with this message: The response file for OCM configuration does not exist (or) is not readable. Please provide a valid response file. In this environment we were not using OCM so it hadn’t been configured. It seems OPatch will create a new […]

OBIEE 11g Transactional Update Failed [nQSError:37005] – Patch Available

I’ve blogged in the past about the annoying Transactional update failed message that is seen when editing the OBIEE 11.x repository in online mode. Well it seems Oracle have finally released a patch to fix this – #9884975. It can be downloaded once you’ve obtained the necessary password via a Service Request.

OBIEE Admin Tool Gives nQSError: 46036

Ever wondered what happens when you try and open an OBIEE repository in online mode from the Administration Tool? Well you might get this lovely error message: [nQSError: 46036] Internal Assertion: Condition m_pFile->Read(&*bytes.begin() + sizeof(int32)), numChars * sizeof(uint16)) == numChars * sizeof(uint16), file server\objectmodel\Src\SORpArchivePersistStream.cpp, line 456. Needless to say the 2 versions aren’t […]

OBIEE 11g Strange ODBC Driver Error with SQL Server

I came across an interesting error recently. I had a very simple data model with 1 fact table and 1 dimension, both coming from a SQL Server 2008 database. When querying the model through Answers I would get ODBC driver errors like the ones below. State: HY000. Code: 10058. [NQODBC] [SQL_STATE: HY000] [nQSError: 10058] A […]

nQSError 15019? Check your keys

Does this error sound familiar? [nQSError: 15019] Table <Logical table name> is functionally dependent upon level <Logical level>, but a more detailed child level has associated columns from that same table or a more detailed table. The¬†problem is most often¬†encountered when you have multiple logical table sources, each with a different grain and a single […]

OBIEE 11g ‘No Log Found’ Message – Patch Available

Following on from my earlier post on this topic, I’d like to point out that Oracle have released patch 10125516 to fix this bug in on Windows. You can download it from the Support website under ‘Patches & Updates’.

OBIEE 11g Transactional Update Failed [nQSError:37005]

If you often edit an OBIEE repository in online mode then chances are you will have come across this error at some point. As far as I understand it, this refers to any number of problems relating to checking-in objects that are currently checked out. It seems the Administration Tool thinks it is unable to […]

nQSError: 59012

I came across a strange problem today when trying to use the Ago time series function. I made a simple formula to show the change in a measure between current month and last month. Easy you would think: Folder.Measure – Ago(Folder.Measure, DateFolder.Month, 1) However, this resulted in: [nQSError: 59012] UnderFlow occurred during the execution of […]

[nQSError: 46008] Internal error: File .\DataType\SUKeyCompare.cpp, line xyz. (HY000)

There seems to be a number of causes for this error but in my experience it is most often encountered in a federated data model bringing data from different fact tables – joined by conformed dimensions – in which you have multiple sources for logical tables in the Business Model and Mapping layer. If you […]

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