OBIEE Dynamic Column Headings

A common requirement I come across is to create a report with dynamic column titles. For example a column should be labelled ‘Mar 11’ rather than Revenue and this should change each month with the data. Easy you would think? Well sadly not as easy at it perhaps should be from an enterprise BI product. […]

OBIEE Inline Microcharts using Google Charts API

By using a combination of techniques it is possible to display charts inline, within an OBIEE report. In other words we can achieve this type of ‘sparkline’ trend indicator instead of a plain table. To achieve this we need to make use of Google’s excellent chart API. The following example is a bit of a […]

OBIEE Hide the Refresh link within the No Results view – Revisited

Following on from this earlier post, reader Leigh has been in touch with a good idea to hide the refresh link on the ‘No Results’ page using only CSS to make the containing, html td element hide. It’s cross browser compliant and has been tested on OBIEE 10g and 11gR1. For 10.x you will still […]

OBIEE Dynamic Dashboard Prompts

Sometimes I need to create a dashboard prompt that shows only the most recent x periods. I like to make this dynamic so that the values are not hard-coded and the prompt can survive when new data appears in the warehouse. The best way I have found to acheive this is to create the prompt […]

OBIEE TopN versus the rest

You may have seen John’s excellent blog posting where he gives one method for showing a report of the top n items with the rest being grouped together. This is a very common reporting requirement and here I present what is arguably a more elegant and simple solution. First start with a simple report. I’m […]

How to Replace Null Values in an OBIEE Pivot Table

See also this update (Jan 2012). Here’s a simple tip that allows you to supress null values in a pivot for cells which have no data. Create a simple report. I’m using the Samplesales RPD here. A pivot table view of this data would look something like this by default: Now switch back to the […]

OBIEE Quickly apply a column filter in an Answers request

Suppose you want to filter an Answers request. Maybe this will sound familiar: Add a column to your Answers request Click the filter icon Choose your filter criteria and click ok Remove the column from the request Well, did you know that you can simplify this process by simply holdling down Ctrl on the keyboard […]