OBIEE Repository Modelling Articles

Here are a few useful articles I came across concerning OBIEE repository (RPD) modelling. They are posted on Oracle BI Development’s BI Foundation blog and might be of use to anyone starting out in the OBIEE repository for the first time. Designing a Query Factory Dimensional Schema Shapes Conformed Logical Dimensions Full credit to Bob […]

nQSError 15019? Check your keys

Does this error sound familiar? [nQSError: 15019] Table <Logical table name> is functionally dependent upon level <Logical level>, but a more detailed child level has associated columns from that same table or a more detailed table. The¬†problem is most often¬†encountered when you have multiple logical table sources, each with a different grain and a single […]

[nQSError: 46008] Internal error: File .\DataType\SUKeyCompare.cpp, line xyz. (HY000)

There seems to be a number of causes for this error but in my experience it is most often encountered in a federated data model bringing data from different fact tables – joined by conformed dimensions – in which you have multiple sources for logical tables in the Business Model and Mapping layer. If you […]

[38058] Target level does not have a primary segmentation catalog

I came across this nQSError recently when modifying an OBIEE RPD and checking the consistency: [38058] Target level does not have a primary segmentation catalog It seems the fix is simple: Go to the Manage Menu > Marketing then remove the troublesome objects by deleting them and check consistency once more. Quite why these items […]