Using Oracle SQL Developer with MySQL

A few months back I blogged about using Oracle’s excellent SQL Developer tool with Microsoft SQL Server databases. In a similar way you can also connect to MySQL – here’s how… You will need to download the most recent version of Connector/J from the MySQL website. This is the official JDBC driver for MySQL, made […]

Oracle SQL Developer 3

SQL Developer version 3 is now available to download. This new version seems pretty good to me and has a few nice features that might win over people more used to Quest’s Toad product. For example there is now a visual query builder which allows drag and drop from the left pane. Oracle Data Miner 11g is now […]

Using Oracle SQL Developer with MS SQL Server

If, like me, you’re a fan of Oracle’s free SQL Developer application, then you may want to use it to access other types of database. This is possible by installing a third party JDBC driver. E.g. for SQL Server, Sybase or MySQL. Here’s the configuration needed for SQL Server: Download the JTDS driver from Sourceforge. […]