Downgrading RPD version in OBIEE 11g

Today I encountered a problem when trying to deploy a later version repository into an earlier environment. In this case my changes were made in the Administration Tool (v 318) and I needed to deploy the RPD to an environment (v 308). Without downgrading the repository I was not able to start the BI Server component. Here’s how I got around it…

First I ran nqudmlgen.exe from the later ( environment. This can be found in <BI_HOME>\bifoundation\server\bin

nqudmlgen.exe -N -P Admin123 -R C:\RPD\11116.rpd -O C:\RPD\udml.txt

Then I edited the file in a text editor to remove any instances of these lines:


Finally I used nqudmlexec.exe that comes with the earlier ( environment and is bundled with the Client Tools installation.

nqudmlexec.exe -P Admin123 -I C:\RPD\udml.txt -O C:\RPD\11115.rpd

My new RPD could then be deployed via EM with no major complaints besides a few warnings in the nqserver.log file.